Ariana Grande New Reviews Are Brutal: SHE IS NO WHITNEY OR CELINE

Ariana Grande New Reviews Are Brutal: SHE IS NO WHITNEY OR CELINE

HARSH….. THE REVIEWS for Ariana Grande’s new single “Focus” are BRUTAL.

One critic says’ ” The problem with Ariana Grande is that she can’t sing. While most marble-mouthed divas have the decency to stay in their lane, Ari insists on torturing our ears with vocal runs that are only intelligible to dolphins.”

“The fact that she’s promoted as this generation’s power vocalist is a)delusional and b) a sad indictment of how low the bar has fallen since the glory days of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion.”

Ariana Grande, didn’t break her stride during an iHeartRadio performance this Friday, when a cell phone came careening her way mid-performance. Picture it: Los Angeles, Halloween Eve, skeletons dancing, smoke machine billowing. And then, in comes a mobile device, like a rocket, unceremoniously chucked by an audience member.

Grande’s new single is titled “Focus,” which perhaps accounts for her poise in the midst of the flying technology. “Did someone just throw a phone on stage?” she asked the crowd. “That’s so dangerous. What if your screen cracked?”

The 22-year-old vocalist then picked up the phone and returned it to the troublemaker, adding: “Whose is this? Is this yours? Be careful. Take your phone back.”

After all, she’s got bigger fish to fry…like riding the charts with “Focus” and readying a new album for release.