Bethenny Frankel – guess who she has DUMPED now…..

Bethenny Frankel has long been accused of dumping people after they are no longer useful to her, including her ex-hubby Jason, but now you can add over 100 more people to that list – the former staff of her troubled talk-show.

“Bethenny hasn’t returned emails or calls from her former staff in weeks,” several staffers tell NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. “A few of us reached out to her after she broke down in court to send our love, she didn’t return a single call. We all knew the rumors about Bethenny using people, but you never think it is going to happen to you. She fooled us all at the show. She said we were her family and we are stupid enough to believe her.”

Poor, Bethenny – this lady is going to end up alone if she doesn’t start treating people better!