Depressed After Your Wedding? It’s Real

Depressed After Your Wedding? It’s Real

According to The Washington Post – “In a study of 28 women they conducted in 2016, nearly half of the participants indicated they felt let down or depressed after their wedding, and some participants reported clinical levels of depression. In a 2018 study of 152 women, 12 percent reported feeling depressed after their wedding.”

The study found that “nearly 12 percent of the women reported reliable and clinically meaningful increases in depressive symptoms after their wedding. Using panel data analysis, this study found that increases in self uncertainty, partner uncertainty, and relationship uncertainty as well as in partner interference were associated with increases in depressive symptoms.”

The Washington Post advises that “while planning their wedding, couples should pick one night a week to not discuss it. That way, they can remember what it feels like to be a couple without a big event on the horizon. For example, by shifting their focus from wedding planning to discussing their expectations of married life.”

“Schedule your honeymoon strategically,” and again, if you’re still feeling blue after six months, seek help.