Empire got its lowest ratings ever: BLAME ROSIE O DONNELL

Empire got its lowest ratings ever: BLAME ROSIE O DONNELL

FADING …. Empire got its lowest ratings ever this past week, with 9.1 million viewers. Are you still watching? Or are you over it?

The week of Thanksgiving is always a rough one for television programming. However, if a show has a strong enough following, it can spare itself from the dismal ratings of its competitors. While Empire has had titan-esque ratings in the past, it seemed to fall victim to the Thanksgiving week curse.

Empire hit a series low on Wednesday night, raking in 9.1 million views for the episode “Sinned Against”. While these numbers don’t seem especially tragic, this proved to be up to 30% lower than the previous week’s episode.

Despite boasting a guest appearance by Rosie O’Donnell as a figure from Cookie’s prison past, it seems that the big travel day (as well as busiest bar night of the year) skewered the normally glorious ratings of Empire.

Premiering on January 7th 2015, Empire revolves around a hip-hop music company, Empire Entertainment, and the family who created it. While exploring personal relationships between the Lyon family, members of the clan also fight for control of the (wait for it…) empire.

Empire boasts a captivating cast of scheming characters. The first season proved to be a star-making moment for actress Taraji P. Henson who stars as the scene-stealing matriarch of the family, Cookie Lyon.