Florida mayor solicited sex for speed bumps, ethics panel finds

Florida mayor solicited sex for speed bumps, ethics panel finds.
A Florida mayor is accused of soliciting sex from a constituent in exchange for speed bumps, according to the Florida Commission on Ethics and local reports.

The commission found that there was probable cause to find that David Stewart, the mayor of Lantana, Florida, “misused his position to attempt to obtain a sexual benefit for himself.”

Stewart solicited sex from a constituent “based on an understanding his vote, official action, or judgment would be influenced,” the commission said.

The report alleges that Stewart told constituent Catherine Padilla three years ago that he would install speed bumps she had advocated for if she had sex with him, according to the Post.

Padilla filed two complaints this year that Stewart had made a sexual innuendo at her during a banquet and that he had solicited sex for the speed bumps, the Post reported.

The commission dismissed the complaint about the innuendo in June, but went forward with the complaint about the speed bumps.


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