Jennifer Garner’s ‘Peppermint’ gets scathing reviews

The obvious reality here is that this movie is less about Riley North as an avenging angel…. and more about her as a murderer of people of color, and how totally fine that is because somebody has to do it. It won’t be the police or federal law enforcement or the justice system but one formerly mild-mannered white lady who with some mixed martial arts training and the right kinds of weapons that she can buy totally legally is able to exterminate a problem no one else has the balls to. And that problem is Mexican men. – Pajiba

Garner has stated she was drawn to the film because it focused on a mother turned avenging angel. But what’s the message there? And what’s up with the bad guys being mostly tattooed Latinos without a trace of character distinction? Peppermint dissolves into a series of absurd sequences in which the goons basically line up so North can punch, stab, shoot or blow them up… After two hours of being barraged by this paint-by-numbers dreck, you’ll also feel dead inside. – Rolling Stone

All you really need to know about Peppermint can be gleaned from its title sequence, a hodgepodge of heavy-metal music, filters, and camera effects that would make more sense in a 2000s Simple Plan music video than they do here, in a film starring America’s sweetheart… Whatever moments of fun there are watching Garner infallibly tear through the ranks of the drug gang are canceled out by the movie’s lack of creativity and imagination. – EW

On the one hand, Jennifer Garner deserves far better. On the other, she cashed the check. – AV Club