Kate Middleton Changed Her Lifestyle Based on the Queen’s Hurtful Comments

Queen Elizabeth II, wasn’t always so sure about Kate and her lifestyle choices. In fact, according to Express, royal expert and biographer Katie Nicholl said that the Queen expressed “grave concerns” about Kate back in the day, even going so far as to criticize Kate’s “unpalatable” “frivolous displays of wealth.”

Oh, and she thought it was kind of lazy and unbecoming that Kate didn’t have a full-time job after college. According to Nicholl, the Queen, who was-and is-still one of the “hardest-working Royals, despite her age” felt like the fact that “a future member of the family was without a full-time job was unacceptable.”

Kate was reportedly super hurt by the comments (which, duh), but was advised to “hold her tongue” because talking back to your future grandmother-in-law is never a great plan, but it’s even worse when she’s the Queen of England and legally has say over who your fiancé marries.

Apparently, the Queen thought Kate and her love of lavish holidays was a bad ~lewk~ for the royal family, considering the state of the British economy at the time.

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