Katy Perry criticized for appearing to try and upstage Dolly Parton during Grammys tribute

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The 2019 Grammy Awards kicked off with a 10-minute all-star tribute to Dolly Parton, but one performer was criticized by some on social media for appearing to try and upstage the country music legend: Katy Perry.

Perry, decked out in lilac fringe with matching boots and cowboy hat, and country singer Kacey Musgraves began the tribute with a rendition of Parton’s 1977 “Here You Come Again,” when Parton walked on stage to join them.

The three singers traded lines from the song, but Perry belted out a few notes that seemed just outside her range and came off “pitchy,” as was described by some. Social media users weighed in, criticizing Perry for ruining the performance.

“I’ve seen war. I’ve seen violence. But I’ve never witnessed anything close to the barbaric murder Katy Perry just committed on @DollyParton,” wrote one Twitter user.

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