Ricky Gervais Mocks Caitlyn Jenner Again: OUCH

Ricky Gervais Mocks Caitlyn Jenner Again: OUCH.

Caityn Jenner broke her silence on Ricky Gervais’s Golden Globe jokes, declaring she’d like to replace him.

“On Ricky, I think what I’m gonna do is call the Golden Globes and see if they need a new host for next year,” said, Jenner said at the Television Critics Association winter tour in Pasadena, Calif. “And we’ll solve that problem.”

Jenner was responding to a reporter’s question about the transphobic monologue that Gervais gave to open Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony. He said he had changed, but “not as much as Bruce Jenner,” deadnaming the transgender Olympian. Then he cracked a joke about a fatal car crash Jenner was involved in, saying “she didn’t do a lot for women drivers.”

Jenner didn’t say more about Gervais, but made it clear to the reporters in the The Langham resort ballroom, she doesn’t want to be seen as some kind of transgender icon or spokesperson.

“I’m only a spokesman for me and my story,” said Jenner, “I have so much to learn in this community.” And the reality show star revealed this season she travels the country to meet trans people across America. According to executive producer Andrea Metz, the show hits the road with Jenner and her friends on a tour bus, traveling from Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon, then making stops in Santa Fe, Tulsa, Chicago, Des Moines, Kansas City, St. Louis, New Orleans and Houston.

Gervais responded saying: The @goldenglobes. Just don’t let her drive.”

And in response to Entertainment Weekly headline on Twitter: “Caitlyn Jenner Breaks Her Silence On Ricky Gervais’ #GoldenGlobes Joke,” – Gervais tweeted, “At last. She always brakes too late.”