Tyler Perry complains about pricey bottled water: ‘What the hell this water do, cure cancer?’

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An Instagram post Tyler Perry made a few days ago is getting quite the reaction. Thousands of people are cracking up about his comments regarding the price tag of bottled water at a Minnesota hotel.

The actor, filmmaker, and comedian said he is on his Madea’s Farewell Tour and got “mad as hell” when he saw the Minneapolis hotel was charging $9 for a Fiji bottled water.

The tour marks the end of the near twenty-year run of Mabel “Madea” Simmons, one of his most beloved characters, a loudmouthed, senior citizen.

“They can’t be serious right?! NINE DOLLARS!! NINE DOLLARS!!! What the hell this water do, cure cancer? Make hair grow? Did Jesus bottle it when he met that woman at the well?” Perry wrote in the Instagram post. “Y’all got to be kidding me. I will swallow spit and die of dehydration before I pay 9 dollars for a bottle of water!!”

He ended the post with the acronym “GTHOH (Get The Hell Out of Here).”

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