NAUGHTY GOSSIP BOOK CLUB: Ageless Bride by Gigi Shilling

Gigi Shilling believed to her core that every bride should feel like a fierce, radiant goddess. No matter her age. But all around her the writer saw that brides over 50 were totally ignored.

In her new book, Ageless Bride, she enlisted twelve cool designers — Isaac Mizrahi, Zac Posen, Ellen Christine, Vicky Tiel, Angel Sanchez, Betsey Johnson, Hal Rubenstein, Jeannie McQueeny, Amy Zerner, Ines Di Santo, Jeff Mahshie and Guo Pei —to share their favorite fantasy looks and sketches for the ageless bride.

This week, at the buzzy book launch at oliver + Jane, Jane Wilson-Marquis’ gorgeous atelier, with guests Vicky Tiel, Ellen Christine, Susan Silver and Tony-nominated designer Jeff Mahshie, everyone agreed that brides over 50 are hot. As Betsey Johnson says in Ageless Bride “”I am the Over 70 Bride and I’m still hoping for a fourth marriage!”