Wealthy parents sue son’s school after they are charged $50k to buy a kindergarten class finger painting

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A rich Manhattan couple are suing their son’s school for almost $500,000 after they are charged $50,000 for a finger painting.

Socialite Michelle Heinemann and her investment banker husband are suing the Cathedral School of St John the Divine. The couple have removed their son from the school and are suing for $415,000 plus damages – which includes $20,000 tuition to a new school.

The couple say that Mrs Heinemann worked with her son’s kindergarten class to create a piece of art that would be sellable at the school auction. The couple agreed they would place the winning bid – which they priced at $3,000 tops.

But the school’s director of advancement had a first-grade teacher named Ms Bryant drive the bid up to ‘the outrageous sum of $50,000’, the suit alleges.