Alicia Silverstone washes & reuses plastic bags, never uses paper towels

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She has two drawers full of dish rags
I never use disposable paper products. There’s never a paper towel in this house or a paper napkin. What I use are these towels, nicer ones and some that are falling apart. They go to my kid’s school lunches. They are used for everything.

She reuses old jam, tomato sauce and soup jars
Anytime I’m making soup I come here to grab [a jar]. If I’m going to run out the door with a soup or tea I just shove it in a jar.

She reuses all plastic bags but tries to avoid them
I try to avoid plastic bags at all cost. Sometimes they come into my life. When they do I wash them in the sink and I reuse them and put them on this bag dryer. It’s so cool. They dry your bags and you [can] use them over again.

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