Andy Cohen Reveals the Cities That Didn’t Make the Cut for The Real Housewives

Will The Real Housewives be heading to any more new cities in the future? “It seems like we’re good right now,” Andy Cohen, who is an executive producer of The Real Housewives, said during an audience Q&A at the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen For Your Consideration Emmys event in New York City on May 20.

Andy noted the success of the two newest additions to The Real Housewives, The Real Housewives of Potomac and The Real Housewives of Dallas, since they premiered in 2016. “I think Dallas and Potomac kind of took people by surprise. They’ve worked really well,” he said. “Dallas had a breakout season last year, and Potomac’s got it happening right now.”

He then gave some insight into what qualities they look for in a Real Housewives city. “They’re usually aspirational. They have their own identity,” Andy explained. “You know, it’s funny, they’re the same kind of format, if you want to call it a ‘format,’ but they all feel completely different, like really different ecosystems in every city. And so, that’s really important, too.”

But of course, it’s really the women who make the show. “You look for a group of friends. Producers bring in casting people, and they find women who are on the society pages and belong to country clubs. ‘Who are your friends, and how do you know each other?'” Andy shared. “In the end, you kind of wind up with a reel of maybe 10 women who have some connections with each other. There’s a little diagram that you look at.”

And some cities have been better suited to be a Real Housewives franchise than others, Andy revealed. “We’ve cast in some cities that we haven’t wound up pursuing, like Greenwich, Connecticut and Chicago and San Francisco and Houston,” he said. “So there have been a lot of places that we’ve tried but just didn’t work.”

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