Kate Gosselin Moving To Hollywood

Kate Gosselin has had trouble getting back into show business since her reality show, “Kate Plus Eight,” was cancelled on TLC back in 2011. But now the ex-reality star thinks she has discovered the main reason why she’s having a hard time getting back into the business – it’s that she lives in Pennsylvania!

“It’s almost impossible to work in the entertainment business and not live in New York or Los Angeles. That is the center of the business and that is where Kate think she needs to be,” one source close to Kate tells Naughty But Nice Rob. ”It is not easy when you have a large family and schedules but Kate isn’t known for taking the easy road. She has been bitten by the celebrity bug and won’t pass up on her dream because of location.”

Back when her TLC show was cancelled, Kate told me that she wanted to stay in the entertainment business behind the camera as a producer.

“I’m really good at producing our show because I know our lives. I know how to convey us for real. I know when things translate into TV and what’s not quite as accurate as you want it to be. I’m good at it ’cause I live this life,” say said. “I have always helped produce. Now in recent seasons it’s easier because I can see it from my life as well as seeing how episodes come together from their [producers] perspective.”

Now, Kate is ready to pack up the kids and her home and move to Hollywood to discover and produce the next big thing in reality TV.