Teen Mom Amber Portwood is “Rebuilding Her Life” after prison!

Since her Nov. 4th release from Indiana’s Rockville Correctional Facility, where she served 17 months of her five-year sentence, Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is making up for lost time.

The troubled reality star’s brother Shawn tells THE GOSSIP TABLE that his sister is “rebuilding her life now,” since her release. After only being able to see daughter Leah five times while serving her time, Shawn explains that Amber is determined to never miss another day of her childhood. “Their first night together, they spent all night talking, doing each other’s hair and makeup and watching movies. Leah fell asleep in the middle of a sentence!” Shawn reveals. “Amber wanted to show her that she was there when Leah woke up.”

Though Leah remains in the care of her dad, Gary Shirley, even after Amber’s probation violations and prison, the single dad has agreed to let Amber see their daughter as often as she wants. “She always told me that Leah was her inspiration to get out,” Shawn says. “She never wants to be in a position where she won’t be there for Leah again.”

Most importantly, Shawn tells us that Amber is sober and has been inspired to turn her life around. “Her focus is college,” he explains. “Then she wants to start her own drug rehabilitation program.”