Caitlyn Jenner Celebrates Marriage Equality With Camera Crew In Tow

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Caitlyn Jenner showed her pride in New York City this past weekend, to celebrate the new marriage equality law, and of course the gay pride parade. Caitlyn was spotted at the penthouse of the Dream Hotel downtown with a few girlfriends; huge smiles on their faces, and of course a camera crew.

Fans started chanting, “Caitlyn, Caitlyn!” and she got up and waved to everyone. She interacted with the crowd and really seemed to be enjoying herself from a VIP, roped-off area. People weren’t surprised that she made a public appearance to show support, but what some were surprised to see, was that she was actually filming on her hotel balcony for her new reality show, I Am Cait.

Bruce Jenner was shy and always in the background, Cait is not. She loves all this newfound attention and is telling friends she hopes her show lasts longer than The Kardashian’s. When “I Am a Woman,” came on, Caitlyn made it rain money on the partygoers and we caught a glimpse of her taking a photo of all her fans thanks to Voss Events Instagram.

Caitlyn also posted a picture to her Instagram last night at dinner in New York with a bunch of her girlfriends. These are big public appearances for Caitlyn, and you can expect many more to follow, Cait is here to stay!