Jessica Alba’s marriage is OVER

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MORE BUZZ that Jessica Alba’s marriage is OVER.

Sources close to Alba tell In Touch that she and her husband have been sleeping in separate bedrooms for almost 6 months. The insider says, “It’s gotten so bad that they don’t even bother fighting”

However, insiders tell NAUGHTY GOSSIP that, “they are still trying to make it work. They are not ready to say it is over – yet. But things do not look good. Part of the problem is her business success. She is now literally paying all the bills.”

Recently, for the second time, Alba’s Honest Company faces allegations that the consumer product brand has been dishonest with its customers. A suit filed Friday in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan accuses Honest of deceptively advertising at least 41 of its products–including laundry detergent, children’s toothpaste, and soap–as natural, plant-based, and free of harsh chemicals.

“These products in fact contain a spectacular array of synthetic and toxic ingredients” including toxins phenoxyethanol and methylisothiazolinone, plaintiffs Brad and Manon Buonosera allege in their class-action complaint. (Check out those links for Honest’s explanation of why it uses those two chemicals.)

This isn’t the first time Honest has faced such allegations. A previous class-action suit filed in California in September 2015 made similar accusations about the brand’s advertising as well as the effectiveness of its products. Honest is currently trying to get that case dismissed.