Did Justin Bieber spit in another man’s face? (surprisingly, his paid spokesperson says no way) wink

TMZ is reporting that Justin Bieber spat on a DJ in an Ohio club over the weekend. The DJ called into the “Dave and Jimmy” radio show on Tuesday, and told his story about how the troubled young singer spat in his face at the Social Room in Columbus because Bieber thought he was secretly taking pictures of him! (Apparently, you can take pictures of him peeing in a bucket but not inside a club.)

Bieber “called my mom something, called my dad something, called me something… and spit in my face,” explained the DJ, who added that he got tested for hepatitis after the alleged incident.

A paid rep for Bieber unsurprisingly says that the incident “never happened.”

The naïve website ‘Gossip Cop’ actually believes the PR folk that are paid a fortune by their clients to make bad stories go away.

The self-appointed ‘police’ of the gossip business, who comes with amazing credentials including being an editor at Star magazine, which is owned by the same company as The National Enquirer, has once again decided that because a paid spokesperson says it is true, then it never happened. (Howling!)

UPDATED: Sources who were at the bar tell our friends at BuzzFeed that it totally happened. Bad Bieber!

I remember the time when Jessica Simpson’s publicist also told the man behind Gossip Cop that she was not getting divorced from Nick, or the time the publicist told him Jennifer Lopez and Ben were 100% getting married? – I do, I was that rep!


It is time for this silly policeman to hand in his badge?

Silly Gossip Cop