‘Difficult’ Jennifer Lopez Throws Tantrum At Grammys

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RadarOnline.com can exclusively reveal Lopez “was a complete diva” and “very difficult” while attending this year’s Grammy Awards in L.A.

“Jennifer wouldn’t allow anyone to tell her what to do,” said a source.

Lopez, 49, demanded she and her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, “get their own area backstage, which was the equivalent of three dressing rooms.”

“During rehearsals, she was barking at the dancers and she kept breaking down and getting frustrated because it wasn’t going her way,” continued the source.

And shortly before the show kicked off, “she demanded preferential treatment over everyone, including Lady Gaga,” said the source, who noted Lopez posed with the “Shallow” singer on the red carpet, but it was all for publicity and “not because of their love for one another.”

“She definitely lived up to her reputation as difficult,” said the source.

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