Madonna custody war over her son Rocco is about her image

Madonna custody war over her son Rocco is about her image

A DIFFERENT OPINION ……. AN INSIDER says the Madonna custody war over her son Rocco with Ex Guy Ritchie is more about her drama with Guy.

The source says, “This isn’t about what Rocco wants or even what’s good for him ……. It’s about Madonna & her image and not letting Guy be the winner …. It’s about being in control”

Recently, Madonna was late for a concert, and also accused of being drunk and making a mockery of the accent used by those attending the event. And although Madonna has been coping with stress due to a custody war she’s waging with ex Guy Ritchie for their son Rocco, the late appearance of the singer for that concert is what caused attention.

The accusations that Madonna, 57, was late for the concert and drunk stemmed from a Kentucky performance as part of her “Rebel Heart Tour.” And those from the area weren’t delighted when she made fun of their accent either.

“Madonna was very drunk,” claimed one person who attended the concert.

And one fan praised her performance but complained about the way that Madonna mocked Kentucky accents.

“Madonna was an awesome performer but man she was a b**ch!… trashed talked Kentuckians and spoke in a fake hillbilly accent,” accused that concert goer.

As for what Madonna herself had to say about reports that she was three hours late for the Louisville concert, drunk, and making fun of the local lingo?

“Working on my stand up laying down good practice!!! Thanks Louisville! the tears of a clown soon to follow the #rebelheartour,” was the tweet from the singer.