How Does Jennifer Lopez Look So Flawless Despite Getting Glitter Bombed By A Clown? – WATCH

Jennifer Lopez is easily the hottest woman in Hollywood (and we’re prepared to fight anyone who thinks otherwise). As such, she’s not one to let anything or anyone — such as a terrifying clown with a confetti-bomb — kill her vibe!

-The 45-year-old MILF was the victim of the glitter attack while flying out of LAX on May 26, but she was all, “Whatever, not going to let the hataz stop me from doing my thang!”

-That “thang” being looking ridiculously good. If anything, she was just made more ~~FaBuLoUs~~!

-Of course, everything and everyone — yes, even a terrifying clown with face tattoos — ends up in the shadow when they try to go up against the queen.

-People who were graced by JLo’s presence were probably distracted by her new, short haircut! The mom-of-two was sporting a considerably shorter ‘do than we’re used to seeing.