Alex Rodriguez Hilariously Messes With Fan Who Says He Looks Like Jennifer Lopez’s Boyfriend — Watch!

The former Yankee shared a fun, new clip on social media on Wednesday in which he, well, yanks a woman’s leg. In the video, the fan is convinced she recognizes him and then does some research on her phone.

“Yeah, A-Rod, Alex Rodriguez. There we go,” the woman who’s sitting across from the man himself says, after having clearly looked it up.

Rodriguez plays dumb, responding, “Who’s that?”

To which, she answers, “That’s the guy that J.Lo’s dating.”

“You’re kidding me,” he feigns. “And he looks like me?”

That’s when the pair starts comparing photos of Rodriguez to Rodriguez in the flesh. Apparently, she shows him a photo of himself rocking pajamas (possibly this image) prompting this self-deprecating response: “First of all, I’d never wear pajamas that goofy. Never. What a tool.”

Next, she shows him a photo of himself on the Second Act red carpet alongside girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, to which he remarks: “Oh, that guy’s handsome.”

At about this point, the woman seems to start wondering if she’s actually talking to Rodriguez himself. The person filming is also cracking up, which is helping her case. That’s when he stands, crosses the room, and drops the facade before shaking the dumbfounded girl’s hand.

“Holy sh*t!” she blurts out while high-fiving the retired pro baller.

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