Angelina Jolie won’t reveal which college Maddox will attend this fall

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Angelina Jolie‘s first child is about to leave the nest. The activist and actress, 43, is preparing for her oldest son Maddox, 17, to attend college in the fall — and the mom of six couldn’t be happier for him to take the big step.

“I’m nothing but proud,” Jolie tells PEOPLE in the latest issue. “I look forward to all he will do.”

Though Jolie doesn’t specify where Maddox will be enrolling, the oldest in the Jolie-Pitt

Brad wasn’t happy with the child custody agreement they worked out in December: “While some progress has been made, this isn’t an ideal situation for Brad,” a second source told us at the time. “There’s an arrangement in place but it’s not a permanent agreement, and there’s a long road ahead….Brad is hoping the worst is behind them and that they can move on from the fighting and painful past. He knows in the long run the kids are best with both their mom and dad in the picture,” the source told us. “He can now move forward and try be a stable and constant positive influence in their lives.”

Brad & Angelina meet weekly with a therapist: “They’ve both decided to try and put their differences aside and to do whatever they can to raise the kids in the healthiest environment possible,” a source tells us, adding that, while they still don’t see eye-to-eye on everything, “they have had to find ways to compromise…. They continue to go to therapy weekly and having a third party watch them interact and provide feedback has been helpful. They both understand that for the kids’ sake they need to be able to come to agreements.”

Brad is willing to compromise: “Brad is doing the best he can to work with her,” the source added. “He just wants to have a relationship with the kids and to make joint decisions on what’s important.

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