Average Penis Size By State: Men In Alabama And Louisiana Claim To Have The Biggest

The five states with the highest averages (in inches) were Alabama (7.44), Louisiana (7.15), West Virginia (7.00), Vermont (6.98), and Utah (6.97).

Most states fell between 6 – 6.9 inches.

The five states with the lowest averages (in inches) were Delaware (5.22), New Mexico (5.36), Maryland (5.50), Georgia (5.69), and Rhode Island (5.83). Including those states, only eight states’ averages were below 6 inches.

As for the second question in our survey on what men tell others their size is, we found the results to be quite interesting as some states exaggerated while others understated their size. The national average for this question was 6.61 inches.

Louisiana came in as the state with the biggest average exaggeration (8.07) as well as one of the widest variances of what they tell others with 0.92 inches. Delaware, who had the smallest actual average had an average exaggeration of 1.30 inches.

Rhode Island respondents, on average, understated their size by 1.17 inches.

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