Champagne explosion goes embarrassingly wrong on ‘The Bachelor’

Mortifying champagne face explosion on ‘The Bachelor’

It was a dramatic second episode of The Bachelor, per usual, but one woman was not having the best night, when her plan to surprise Peter Weber with a bottle of champagne, which she claimed to have saved for over a year, totally fizzled out.

Earlier in the night, Kelsey Weier explained that she had received a bottle of champagne for her birthday and it had been on her counter for over a year. “I’m excited to share a bottle of champagne with him that I’ve been saving for a really special moment, and I wanted to open that the first night and it just unfortunately didn’t happen, so I am excited for tonight,” said Kelsey, who was shown setting up the champagne in a bucket with glasses by the fireplace, before returning to sit with a group of other ladies. Unfortunately for Kelsey, when she attempted to steal Peter for her moment, Mykenna Dorn snuck in at the last minute.

Kelsey began to feel annoyed over the fact that she wasn’t getting alone time with Peter and, after striking out in her first attempt, things really began to bubble over when Hannah Ann popped Kelsey’s bottle of champagne with Peter instead.

“I just feel like two moments have been taken from me,” said Kelsey, adding “It got taken away from me with Mykenna, and it now got taken away from me. I don’t think she does care. I think she knew what she was doing and she just, she’s a snake. I will have words with that girl.”

“That was my thing,” Kelsey said through tears. “That was something that was special to me and that got taken from me. That was supposed to be my moment, and she took that from me.”

Eventually, Kelsey went to confront Hannah Ann, who explained that she didn’t know it was Kelsey’s bottle.

Kelsey stated, “It’s not OK what you did. I set this up. I brought this bottle from Des Moines. Don’t try to play dumb.” To make matters worse for Kelsey, when she finally got what she really wanted, time with Peter, well, this happened.

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