Chris Evans, Bobby Moynihan, and More Rip Donald Trump Jr. For Epic ‘Saturday Night Live’ Flub

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Donald Trump Jr. is facing the wrath of Twitter after confusing the nickname of NBC’s popular sketch comedy series “Saturday Night Live.”

While commenting on a tweet mocking the Democratic Party’s platform for the 2020 presidential election, Trump Jr. compared the platform to that of an “S&L sketch.”

Trump was clearly thinking of “SNL,” the abbreviation used by NBC to refer to “Saturday Night Live,” but somehow got confused since “SNL” could sound like “S and L” when pronounced aloud.

Chris Evans, who has never hosted “SNL” ripped into Trump Jr. on social media for the epic flub by writing, “LIVE FROM NEW YORK, IT’S SATURDAY AAAAAAAND!!!!”

Bobby Moynihan, who appeared on “SNL” from 2008 until 2017, was even more blunt, writing to Trump Jr., “You a dummy.”

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