Fans Are Dragging Khloé Kardashian for Looking Totally Unrecognizable

Khloé Kardashian is being slammed for using too much photoshop and not looking like herself in recent Instagram photos.

Khloé gently clapped back to a fan who asked about her look, saying “nothing wrong with one who loves glam or one who loves no glam.”

Things we can all agree on in 2019: The Masked Singer is the only good thing this year has given us, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are definitely vibing, and KHLOE KARDASHIAN HAS BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH. Between being cheated on by Tristan Thompson, being cheated on by Tristan Thompson again, and being betrayed by a close family friend, you’d think “fans” (read: trolls) would give Khloé a break. But nope!

KoKo’s comments are swarming with haters who refuse to step to the left, and everyone seems very concerned with the fact that she looks a little different in recent pics. Specifically, recent Marilyn Monroe-inspired pics.