Guy Fieri reveals the truth about his much-maligned ‘Donkey Sauce’

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The changes he’s seen in conversations about food in the past decade: “The Food Revolution is a term I continue to use, I think some other people use it, but to me it’s what really best describes what’s going on. We have come so far, and then made such a change in the ’80s and ’90s, and finally turned it back around and realized all these ill-effects we’re having with processed foods, and fast food, and so forth. Everything has its place — I’m not a fast-food basher, by any means. You just have to keep things in moderation. Everybody has their indulgences. I think that what we are realizing and seeing with kids a lot is that we have to really get straight on what we’re doing, and what we’re eating, and how we’re eating it, and moderation and responsibility.

The hidden truth about his Donkey Sauce: “You’re stereotyping it. If we called it aioli, does that make it sexier? It’s aioli. This goes back to that exact comment that I said in the beginning: it’s about moderation. I called it Donkey Sauce because you have to make fun of it. It’s a quintessential ingredient in so many aspects of food, yet probably not the most beneficial except for flavor, probably the least beneficial, but it does have its place. All food has its place. Pepperoni pizza has its place. Pastries have their place. Croissants have their place. The thing is picking when, where, how, what, and why you eat them. I think if you are going to eat a croissant, you should eat a really great one. I don’t know that you should eat the one that came packaged that was made three weeks ago in Schenectady and shipped in a box to your store in California.

How he “notoriously hates eggs”: “Oh, I eat eggs every once in a while. My buddy Andrew Zimmern, he was on the show in Minneapolis a couple of years ago, and they put a raw egg on the pizza and he said, “C’mon, eat it.” Alright. Hard-boiled and scrambled — that’s just not the way I like to party. My wife will sit there and bust that yolk and scoop with the bread and the whole thing and …”

[From Thrillist & Tampa Bay Times]