Is Duchess Kate actually buying multiples of the same dresses & shoes?

She’s gained a reputation for being sensible when it comes to fashion, shopping from the high street and re-wearing designer pieces repeatedly on public engagements to get maximum value out of her wardrobe. But while the Duchess of Cambridge might appear to be the poster girl for recycling, it turns out that she might not be quite as thrifty as she seems.

On Kate’s recent visit to Belgium to commemorate the fallen of World War One, eagle-eyed royal watchers noted that her blush suede Rupert Sanderson pumps were impeccably spotless, despite the fact that she’s worn them dozens of times before. It seems that rather than recycling the same old pieces, the Duchess in fact has multiple pairs of the shoes she like – habit that also extends to her wardrobe.

Stylist Rochelle White told Femail: ‘Suede shoes are hard to maintain so if it’s easier to keep many pairs on standby, who wouldn’t? Kate likes to have a clean, sleek image at all times. Can you image if she stepped out on a royal engagement with scruffy shoes. She’s likely to have back up shoes – all the same style – in various quantities. Kate has a strong signature style and knows what she likes. It wouldn’t surprise me if she also gets a few of the same outfit made and has them ready to go, even if it is the same style.’

The prospect is all the more likely given Kate’s fondness for nude coloured shoes that will go with any outfit. The light colour of the material is easily stained, plus she’s generally on her feet during royal engagements, walking the streets to meet wellwishes or traversing the lawn at garden parties. So it would be impossible for her favourite blush, light grey and nude courts from Rupert Sanderson to emerge unscathed.

The Duchess also has a fondness for pastels and white when it comes to outfits, again a recipe for stains and grubby marks. And while she can certainly afford the dry cleaning bill, the trouble is that marks on delicate lighter fabrics can be very tricky to get rid of.

‘Light colours as we know are hard to keep looking fresh and like new,’ Rochelle said. ‘Attending events and receptions means she’s more likely to get pastel colours ruined by drinks, spills and knocks.

And let’s not forget that Kate is a mother to two lively young children, who are no doubt eager to grab her impeccable outfits as they hug her when she returns from official engagements. In Belgium last weekend, for instance, she wore a white Alexander McQueen coat dress previously seen at Trooping The Colour a year earlier. As the Duchess stood on the balcony Princess Charlotte stuck her first on her mouth before wiping it on her mother’s outfit.

‘I think when Kate finds an outfit that looks good, feels good and is comfortable she would like to have it to wear again without the worry of trying to get it clean and looking like new,’ Rochelle said. ‘It might be easier for her to have her favourites in duplicates, so that they are always looking fresh.’

[From The Daily Mail]