Jon Snow may have let a massive ‘Game of Thrones’ spoiler slip out

The actor revealed how long the entire Jon Snow journey was, from the first years through the early stages of Game of Thrones fame, and culminating with all the attention he got thanks to that epic episode where the whole world saw Snow die. For the Watch.

Harington also said that shooting season 8 has taken an emotional toll on all the cast. He says the last season was a nine-month shoot “in extreme weather and just in heaving f—ing costumes.” And here is where things get interesting:

I was there the whole time this year. I felt a bit like people were coming in and out, and Jon Snow was just f—ing there the whole time. You have these in-jokes, and these relationships that thrive for eight years. That’s a long time for those jokes to be going, and they never felt old or tired. In the last season, I was like, these are getting tired now. And I think they got tired because we could see the end coming. That’s a way of emotionally detaching from something: relationships very slightly starting to strain, just on the edges, just frayed. Now everyone loves each other again.

If Harington was there the whole time then he can’t die any sooner than the series finale.

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