Justin Bieber & Ed Sheeran Tease Secret Project

Ed’s manager, Stuart Camp, posted a photo of the 28-year-old singer standing in front of a green screen while staring at the camera. “This guy! Something is happening,” he captioned the post.

It didn’t take long before fans realized that Stuart’s caption and photo was an almost exact replica of a post Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun, posted just last week. “This guy! Something is happening. Love it,” Scooter captioned the similar photo of Justin staring at the camera in front of a green screen.

Clearly, something really is happening! While it’s not clear what exactly that something is, a source close told The Blast the two stars — who have worked together before, Ed co-wrote Justin’s 2015 single “Love Yourself” — are definitely working on a new project together. However, the insider remained tight-lipped when asked if it was new music.

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