Lady Gaga shuts down the Met Gala carpet with 4 incredible looks

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Lady Gaga just simultaneously opened the Met Gala and shut it down, after showing up to the pink carpet in an over-the-top fuchsia gown and ultimately stripping down into her underwear.

The singer and actress was certainly the perfect choice to serve as one of the co-chairs of the event, as people had high expectations of her interpretation of the theme camp. And serve she did: After promptly showing up as one of the first to walk the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gaga didn’t neglect to put on a full performance as she transitioned through four looks designed by Brandon Maxwell.

With Maxwell, and a number of suited-up handlers by her side, Gaga first arrived in a pink parachute dress that took everyone’s breath away.

But after making her first trip up and down the Met steps, she revealed a black gown with an asymmetrical bodice and a full skirt.

Still, she wasn’t finished, as Maxwell then assisted her through another outfit change, during which she shed the black gown to reveal a tight hot pink sleeveless dress. Gaga also acquired a few accessories, like statement black sunglasses and an old-school wireless phone.

Her fourth and final look, however, was a black bra and underwear, made complete with lots of rhinestones and fishnets, of course. Gaga also put on a number of rings to accessorize and held onto her “Haus of Gaga” wagon.

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