Paris’ First All-Nude Restaurant Closes Due to Lack of Customers

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Apparently, it’s time to say au revoir to O’naturel. The aptly named restaurant opened in Paris in November 2017 and was billed as the city’s first all-nude eatery. Customers were expected to dine in their birthday suits, and would be seated next to other patrons who were also nude.

However, despite the laidback reputation of many Parisians, it appears residents of the City of Light weren’t all that eager to eat sans clothing. The establishment recently confirmed it will shutter its doors in February.

“Thank you for participating in this adventure by coming to dinner at O’naturel,” a recent Facebook post on the restaurant’s page began. “We will only hold good times, meetings with beautiful people and customers delighted to share exceptional moments.”

The post continued: “We are counting on you to support us and help us with many during this month of January and early February 2019.” With a closing date in the near future, O’naturel told fans and curious customers, “Don’t hesitate to book now to enjoy a last naked dinner in Paris. Now is the time.”