The Jonas Brothers Head Back In Time For Their Cover Of ‘PAPER’

The comeback kids were unveiled as the newest cover stars for the magazine and their accompanying shoot for the publication is entirely worth a gander. With styling by Britt McCamey, Nick, Joe and Kevin appear as the poster children for awkward ’80s portraits (even sharing the frame with a ferret) and we’re loving the throwback aesthetic.

In the issue, the trio spoke about their highly-publicized comeback, admitting that their reunion came about because of genuine interest in banding together vs. the need to hop on the nostalgic train of yesteryears. Nonetheless, it arrived at a time and place where they all felt like they can executive the band in the very way that they want. “We lost touch with what we wanted to say, because we were trying so hard to say something different from what we said in the past, musically and creatively,” Nick told the mag. “We understood that our level of success and fame had reached a point, where our musicianship and writing and performing abilities needed time to grow and catch up to it.”

You can expect to hear about the breakup (and reunion) in the group’s upcoming documentary, Chasing Happiness, for Amazon Studios. It’s set to premiere on the streaming service on June 4.

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