Where People Say You’re Allowed — And Not Allowed — to Bring Kids

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Where People Say You’re Allowed — And Not Allowed — to Bring Kids.

A survey asked 800 people about the most appropriate places to bring kids, and where NOT to take them!

“Respondents admitted that the most stressful environment to bring kids was the office (more than 80 percent) — even when sanctioned by the company. This was especially true for mothers more so than fathers,” the survey found, adding, “In some cases, the anxiety of bringing your kids out to fancy dinner can be as much about the people around you as it is your own enjoyment as a family.”

More than half of parents (55 percent) agreed changing a baby in public was acceptable parenting, through non-parents were slightly less comfortable with the notion (45 percent).

Nearly 86 percent of parents and 87 percent of non-parents said it isn’t OK to yell at other adults when children were present.

When asked about the worst seating arrangements on a flight, over 45 percent of people said they’d least want to sit next to someone with bad body odor. Less than 15 percent identified a young child as their worst possible row partner. Still a whopping 69 percent of people were willing to pay extra if it meant not sitting next to a child — averaging $52.50 in additional costs.

The places where you’re the least likely to earn glares for bringing your kids along? Theme parks, the supermarket, the beach and the pool ranked on top.