Christie Brinkley’s latest anti-aging secret is having dogs: ‘they keep me young’

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Christie Brinkley’s latest anti-aging secret is having dogs: ‘they keep me young’

“My dogs keep me active and young feeling. They’ll come to me and take me for a walk or a jog,” Brinkley tells PEOPLE. “They are my personal trainers.”

These two adorable anti-aging antidotes are named Maple Sugar and Chester. Maple Sugar is a 14-year-old Labradoodle, who is surprisingly spry for her age and Chester is a younger rescue pup who is obsessed with his model mom.

“He was supposed to be Sailor’s dog. He’s really attached to me,” Brinkley says of Chester, who was originally adopted by her daughter. “I have never had an animal love me quite the way Chester does, he can’t takes [sic] his eyes off me.”

Providing both unconditional love and free personal training, Brinkley’s dogs are an important presence in her life and she treats them as such, showering them in love, personal attention and keeps them on a tasty, yet nutritional diet.

“In my beauty book, Timeless Beauty, I say nutrition is the foundation of everything, it’s the spring board. It’s the same for your pet,” she explains.

For Brinkley, this means feeding her pets food that is designed to meet all of their needs, especially those that help them age gracefully too.

“At seven dogs and cats become seniors, that is when they need benefits that will help with aging,” says Brinkley, a spokesperson for Purina Pro Plan. “That’s why I feed my senior dog Maple Purina Pro Plan. It has enhanced botanicals and ingredients that aid in digestion, things she needs.”

“They are really everything they’re cracked up to be,” she says about her doggie duo. “They’re loyal and they just offer unconditional love. There is truth in the advertising.”

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