Meghan Markle’s Dog Bogart is living with ‘friends’ in America now

Meghan Markle’s Dog Bogart is living with ‘friends’ in America now

Meghan Markle has finally found her Prince Charming – but it has come at a huge cost, with the American actress forced to give up on many of her passions. rince Harry’s fiancee had to make the heartbreaking decision to leave behind her dog Bogart after moving to the UK to start her new life, as the pet is thought to be too old to fly overseas.

Kensington Palace confirmed that Miss Markle’s new role would also force her to give up her charity work with the United Nations, plus her role as patron at organisations including World Vision Canada and One Young World.

The American actress has two rescue dogs – a beagle, Guy, and a Labrador-shepherd cross, Bogart – who she would keep in touch with via FaceTime during her long stints away. Kensington Palace confirmed Guy has come to the UK and has legal permission to stay here, but Bogart has been left behind. It has prompted speculation from fans on social media that Bogart may have been left behind because he is ‘too big or too old’ to fly to the UK. Many animal lovers have expressed their sadness online at the pet being separated from Miss Markle.

The Prince’s communication secretary Jason Knauf said: ‘Bogart is now living with friends.’ The Palace refused to speculate as to why Bogart was not brought to the UK and added the decision ‘would have lots of complexity to it’ while confirming Miss Markle remains ‘fond of her dogs’.

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